Christine Cummings established A Place Called Hope, a Rehabilitation and Education Center for Birds of Prey, in Killingworth, CT in 2007. APCH has since become an invaluable resource for the rescue and rehabilitation of raptor species, as well as for advice on the rescue of other bird species. This class is designed to better prepare ACOs for the most common field calls involving dangerous birds.

Join Cummings and APCH recuers for a Powerpoint and video demonstration on ways to safely assess, capture, and contain dangerous species of wild birds, and how to properly restrain and transport a distressed bird to a Federally Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitation Center for care. The effects of the use of Second Generation Anti-coagulant Rodenticides (SGARs) on the raptor population will also be adressed.

Birds of Prey, Vultures, Mergansers, Geese, Swans, Herons, Egrets, Ravens, and other birds will be discussed. APCH will share recommendations for proper rescue gear. This class does not offer hands on training but live birds will make an appearance.

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